Friday, March 14, 2014

Chubby Charmer Bag

I'm far from an expert bag fact, I haven't made many and those that I have are in progress!  But I came across a super cute bag pattern at a local quilt shop that I just wanted to try.  Pair that up with an end of the bolt clearance sale at another local quilt shop and I decided to give bag making another go.

The Chubby Charmer bag was designed to be made out of five inch charm blocks, but the shop where I bought the pattern had it made up in just a solid piece of fabric.  Despite the headache that ensued from trying to figure out the math, I did my best to get it put together!  It involves quite a few layers of fusible fleece which made for some sore arms when trying to quilt it.

Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy how it turned out - please just don't pay too much attention to how the seams match up on the side!

Chubby Charmer Bag

If I had to do it again (which I'm not so certain I would), I would pretty much do it the same with the exception of how the interior pockets are constructed (whether I read the directions wrong or that's how it's written - some of the fusible fleece shows inside the pocket!

Chubby Charmer Bag

I added a snap (my first time ever doing that).  This thing is a monster in size - the bottom I added measures 9 x 17"!  I'm thinking it'll be great if I'm ever toting around a quilt that needs it's binding!

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