Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trying Something New!

Over the past several years, I picked up quilting. I'm primarily self-taught from a great book, and have really focused on making quilting my top priority when it comes to crafting. I made a bunch of holiday presents for family/friends this year, and think I might be a little bit burnt out and in need of a temporary new distraction.

How do I know this? By the choice of my newest choice of "material"...

Yup, that's yarn! I haven't knitted in a long time, but figured it might be fun to try it again. What led to this decision? Well, about seven years ago, I studied at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in London. It was an amazing summer adventure in between semesters at college. While there, I met a good friend, who was my partner in cooking, and we've kept up ever since. Mainly, it's an e-mail here and there and Christmas cards every year. That summer was a special experience in my life, so she still holds a place close to my heart, even if we aren't very close.

Well, this year, instead of a Christmas card, I received a birth announcement! She and her husband just welcomed their first child - an adorable baby boy - into their lives. Combine that with my procrastinating reading of other blogs and stumbling across a great pattern from JCHandmade, I just new I should try this!

Is it going to be perfect? Hardly, but it's new and fun for now and hopefully baby will love it - if I get it done before he's in high school!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

And Here We Go...

Welcome to my blog! With the start of the new year, I figured I might jump into the world of blogging and give it a try. I've so enjoyed reading others' blogs and learned so much from them, that I'm hoping this may give me an opportunity to connect even more with others.

I hope this blog will provide me with not only connections within cyberspace, but also be a place to chronicle some of my successes (and probably failures, or should I say learning experiences?) in the world of crafting, cooking, reading, etc. - basically all of my hobbies. Perhaps also having the written reminder of what I'm working on (or should be working on) will keep me on task and keep the UFO's from piling up.

So, welcome - we'll see how this goes!