Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh My!

It's August already! And not even just the start of August - we're eight days into it! I can't believe how quickly the summer has flown by. I had such grand plans: reading, sewing, cleaning, getting a tan. But, I'm still pale and no better read. My sewing room has been sorely neglected.

But, no worries - all of these grand plans have taken a backseat to the excitement of wedding planning! At the end of July, I made a trip up to Williamsburg where the htb and I will be married. My parents came down from NY to meet me and we hunted for some reception locations. We think we've found one, but now it's just waiting on trying to confirm our wedding date with our officiant. Once that comes through, we'll reserve the chapel and reception site and we'll be on our way!!!

People keep asking me all different questions like, have I picked out a dress, or do I have attendants yet? I keep telling them that the only thing I know for certain about my wedding is who the groom will be! But, that's not entirely true, I also had a chance to visit a LQS a couple of weeks ago and picked out some fabric for a quilted wall hanging I hope to make and use instead of a guest book.

Much to most people's surprise, we picked out green and pink as our colors (I think everyone was expecting something darker from me), but I think it's lovely and very spring-like. So, while at the LQS, I found these fabrics from Moda's Nature's Chorus...what do you think?

I'd love your honest opinion - I've now had two people say "REALLY?!?" when I told them these were the colors I picked out, so I'm starting to doubt myself.
Well, it's a beautiful day here in SC, so I'm going to enjoy it before it gets too hot! It's my last weekend of freedom before work kicks into high gear, so I'll probably continue with my trend of reading, and not posting blogs! Enjoy your Saturday!