Saturday, July 18, 2009


Last night, I had an evening to myself that I finally decided to use to work on a WIP. Here's the progress I've made on my Quilt-A-Long Quilt. Yes, that event held by the Old Red Barn Co. has come and gone, but I'm slow (and apparently didn't accurate read the directions to see that each block was supposed to be different -I guess I really like consistency and even if not, the thought of ripping out my rows entered my mind for about a half a second).

But anyways, as I was working along on this project, I started thinking about the terms "Works in Progress" (WIPs) vs. "Unfinished Objects" (UFOs). Now, I know a lot of quilters use these interchangeably, but I feel like there's definitely a different.
A WIP gives a connotation that you're still working on it - you've visited it fairly recently and while it may not be on the top of the pile, it's still got a shot of getting completed sometime in the foreseeable future.
Whereas, a UFO, well that poor little project has been shoved in a back closet somewhere again - just hoping to see the light of day and the sewing machine. A UFO may or may not be remembered by me, and may have lost my interest so much that I can't even fathom finish it.
So, I guess my question is, when does a WIP become a UFO? Is there some point in time that any illusion of making progress on that project should be given up?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Week In Review

I can't believe it's already Thursday! Where has the week gone? Oh, yeah - most of it was spent in a medication induced stupor thanks to having two wisdom teeth removed. It was a bit of a whirlwind decision - went in for the consultation last Wednesday and on Friday morning I was having them removed! Not so much fun, but glad to have it over and done with. I'm finally up and about again, and trying to get caught up on dishes, laundry, cleaning and a bunch of organizing!

I hope everyone's Fourth was delightful. Mine was spent on the couch watching TV, though did manage to get to the fireworks display in town the night of my wisdom teeth removal. Don't remember much, but I did have a sno-cone...yum!

We did try to celebrate here...

...this was the celebration at my house while watching the Boston Pops on TV. I just love the Boston Pops. The HTB (husband-to-be...we'll try it and see how I like it), and I were able to see the Boston Pops play on the fourth when we lived in Boston. We also had the chance to visit the barge where they set off the fireworks in the Charles River, which was a really neat experience. (A little scary too when you think about how much firepower you're standing on).

Anyways, now that I'm up and running again, I'm hoping to get some sewing done again. However, having your wisdom teeth out does allow you some time to catch up on blog reading. One of the blogs I follow, Green Fairy Quilts, is having a great giveaway, as well as doing some real great things - so you should go check it out!!! Tell her I sent you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Have a!

Finally my week has slowed down enough that I'm able to pick a winner. My best friend and her husband were here for an overnight visit on Sunday. Monday was full of work and a migraine, and last night was a bachelorette party for a colleague (very tame - we painted pottery!)

I'm killing a little bit of time until another friend comes over tonight to watch So You Think You Can Dance. Has anyone else seen that show? I love it - been hooked since season 2!

Anyway, the real reason you came was to see who won. As you can see below, I used a very technical method to choose my winners. And the winners are...
Congratulations Amy (no blog) and Katie! Amy, since your name was out of the hat first, you won the quilt pattern. Katie, the fat quarters will be on their way to you! I'll e-mail each of you as soon and I'm done posting here to get your address info!
Hope everyone's having a great first day of July!