Sunday, April 26, 2009

Social Gnome

I feel as though I've been MIA for a while here. And I guess for good reason - since my last post was over a week ago. But what a week plus it has been!

The trip to Williamsburg was wonderful. It was a lot of catching up with the BF's friends, wedding-related duties, and of course, eating! The BF and I joke that we always end up eating our way through Williamsburg when we're there.

Overall, the trip was delightful - albeit, very long time in the car. The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom very happy. I wish I had some good pics to share, but the BF is the photographer in this relationship, and they're still all on his camera. However, I do have a couple of shots of campus (and the building where the wedding took place), as well as Colonial Williamsburg...

This is the Wren Building - the oldest continually used academic building in the country. The wing on the right is where the chapel is housed and where the wedding happened.

We also took advantage of the gorgeous weather in Wmbg to stroll through CW (Colonial Williamburg) a bit. It's always pretty in the spring.

After we got back late Sunday night, it's just been a whirlwind of activities. My quilt guild met on Monday night, and I had to work after that meeting. Then Tuesday, I saw "Legally Blonde: The Musical" in Charlotte. Wednesday was birthday dinner for a friend. Thursday was a bridal shower I helped host for another friend. Then came Friday, where I basically just laid on the couch, ate leftovers and watched my Netflix. Up early the next morning to proctor an exam and then do some cleaning around the apartment, which I guess brings us to right now.

After a good night's sleep, I'm ready to tackle some quilting projects. Hopefully, I'll have something to show for myself soon - especially since some of the deadlines I have set for myself are coming up very soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Nothing like a last minute project before you hit the road. I'm headed out of town in just a bit to head up to Williamsburg, VA for a wedding. The BF's college friend is getting married, he's a groomsman, so we're headed up to see friends and celebrate with them. It should be a lot of fun - though it's been a push to the finish to be ready to head out of town. I still need to fill up the car with gas and check tire pressure, but I've got a bit of time since the BF is still at work until about 1 pm today.

We're looking forward to our trip. Williamsburg is home to the BF's and my undergraduate alma mater, so it's really like home for us. It's actually where we met, so it holds even more significance. We try to get up there at least once a year, though with a six hour drive, and limited vacation time, I'm not sure if that's always going to work.

But anyway, onto the project - since that's what this blog is supposed to be about. Another one of the BF's friend and his wife are expecting their second child in May. I was hoping to get a quilt done in time, but let's be honest - I dream big. Since we just found out they're going to make it to the wedding, I wanted to have something for the new little guy (yup, it's a boy) when we see them. So, this morning, I put together these...

I've made these bibs from "Bend the Rules Sewing" before for a baby shower for a colleague at work. She stopped me in the hall just a few days ago and said she just loves them - so with that ringing endorsement, I figured they might be perfect for the new baby on the way!

Well, I should make sure I have everything packed, grab some lunch, get gas, etc. Enjoy your weekends!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Something to show for myself! See, I really was working hard. I just have a nasty habit of starting multiple projects and never actually finishing one for a long long while.

This was a pretty quick start to finish for me though - just about a week. On an expedition to IKEA, I purchased a TV stand for my living room. It's a beautiful wood piece, which I'm certain my heavy TV is going to scratch up like crazy. So, currently, the TV is sitting on a make-shift protective layer of some old placemats and a coaster - not so attractive.

I was browsing blogland when I came across a
tutorial for a Disappearing Nine-Patch table runner over at Rachel's blog. I'd been itching to try a disappearing nine-patch and this finally pushed me over the edge - plus I finally had a good reason to make something.

So, after a bit of browsing on Etsy (I love that site), I settled on the Cotton Blossom's charm pack and waited for it to arrive in the mail.

Once it arrived, I got to work....
It matches my decor in my living room really well, so I'm excited. Plus, it's got that wonderful crinkly goodness I read about on blogs about machine-quilting and then putting it in the wash.

I was pretty happy that I could find some coordinating fabrics for the backing and binding in my stash - I'm trying to work through.

Next up is to put it under the TV - I'm just kinda sad so much of it will be hidden! It's one of the first few projects I'm keeping for myself!

ETA: These disappearing nine-patch blocks are great!  I've been able to make some really cute baby quilts using them...check them out: Baby Boy Chase Quilt, Baby Boy Sean Quilt & Baby Girl Ellie Quilt! Such a versatile block!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where has a week gone?

I'm not quite sure where over a week has gone since I last posted. I'd love to say I've been having glamorous adventures, but honestly, I've just been working and trying to get through the week. I have been productive on the quilting/sewing front, but haven't gotten far enough along with any project to feel like it's worthy of showing here.

Luckily, it's a low key weekend here in SC for me. We'll celebrate Easter with just a small dinner for the two of us (turkey, since I hate ham). But other than that, no real plans. Perhaps I'll get a project done?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cute Easter Giveaway!

One of the blogs I follow is having a really cute Easter giveaway. Check out Sew Fantastic's blog for a wonderful giveaway from Aly's Esty store, Bliss Forest.

Those bunnies and gnomes are just so cute. I just love the Ninja bunny! It's so creative, and so cute!