Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Boy Sean Quilt

As I said, it's "baby-palooza" with my friends!  This quilt, I'm a bit embarrassed to say, took way too long to get to mom and baby.  Mom and I met in graduate school and she had her first son at the end of July.  The month of August is one of my busiests times at work, and this just got delayed and more delayed.  It eventually made it's way to St. Louis around Christmas (I know Sean's almost 6 months at that time), but I think it was warmly received nonetheless!

Baby Boy Sean Quilt by gnomemade quilts
Baby Boy Sean Quilt, a photo by gnomemade quilts on Flickr.

Baby Boy Sean Quilt 2 by gnomemade quilts

Disappearing nine-patch and the baby's name - simple, but cute.  I used "Max and Whiskers" charm pack for this one!

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  1. Both the baby boy and the baby girl quilts are wonderful and I know they will be loved for many years to come.