Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Logan's Dr. Suess Quilt

The baby quilt trend continues here!  Yet another friend had a baby within the past few months.  Actually, within four days at the end of March, three babies were born to friends across the country.  I'm still working my way through that list, but have at least two of them! 

This was the first of the three babies born...Logan.  He's the son of one of my colleagues and is absolutely adorable.  He was born early, so he arrived way before his quilt did!  In fact, his baby shower was planned in April - about 15 days after he was born!  He was that early!

Anyway, the parents decided to decorate in Dr. Suess fabrics for the nursery, so when I found the Dr. Suess panel, I knew it'd be perfect.  I used a bunch of Kona solids to go along with the quilt and tried to design a simple block design to work with the different sized panels.

The quilt was a last minute effort - I was out of town when the baby was born - so my Easter weekend was spent quilting this!  Probably the most quilting I've done on a quilt.  It's hard to see in the very last minute photo I took, but I quilted around all the Dr. Suess pictures to make them pop out!

Overall, very happy with how it came together, but glad it's behind me.  Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well!

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  1. Looks like a bright and happy quilt, perfect for a new baby.