Monday, April 15, 2013

May the Quilt Be with You...

Nothing like a new baby coming along shortly to give you some inspiration!  Good friends of mine and Mr. Gnomemade are expecting their second child in June.  The first little one came along in August 2011, and she got a quilt made just for her (and Mom).  You see - mom loves everything owl and Wizard of Oz.  So, when the first little one was on her way, it was an easy decision of what type of quilt to make when I found an owl quilt pattern.  So, after months of work, Baby #1 was gifted with this quilt at the shower. 

Fast foward a year, and the Baby #1 turned one!  It seemed only fair that Dad get in the act and something that he loves.  And what does he love...nothing more than Star Wars.  I've never met a bigger fan!  So, Baby #1 got a set of Star Wars Finger Puppets
Well, now Baby #2 is on its way (we're not sure if it's a girl or a boy).  And since Mom got an owl quilt for Baby #1, I figured it was only fair that Baby #2's quilt is inspired by Dad.  After a lot of conversation with Mr. Gnomemade and a bunch of internet searches, I decided on an R2D2 Quilt!  I couldn't find any specific pattern, so I needed some inspiration - enter in a cute little photo on Google Images, which I used to inspire a pattern and voila...

R2D2 Quilt
R2D2 Baby Quilt, a photo by gnomemade quilts on Flickr.
I present to you the R2D2 quilt!  I'm pretty proud of this one!  It's made of primarily Kona Cotton solids, and is machine appliqued.  I did some interlocking square/rectangular quilting on the light blue background.  Overall, it came out pretty well, but it's a little wavy since I doubled the white fabric to keep the blue from showing through, which made that a bit thick compared to the quilted part.  But, it's a baby quilt, so hopefully Baby #2 won't mind!

And of course, a Star Wars inspired quilt needed an appropriate back.
  R2D2 Baby Quilt
Baby #2 is due in June, so I'm way ahead of schedule!  Woo hoo!  It's ready to be packaged up and delivered either at a baby "sprinkle" or when the baby arrives!  However, now that I think about got both a quilt and finger puppets, and mom's just gotten a quilt.  Anyone have any ideas about owl or Wizard of Oz finger puppets?  I've got over a year until Baby #2 turns one!
Final Stats:
R2D2 Quilt
Appliqued and Quilted by: Me!
Inspired by Pinterest /Tumblr Image
Size: ~36 x 40