Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, the streak of babies continues around here...this time a second baby boy arrived to a good friend of the family. I've known the mom for my entire life, as our parents met when they were in lamaze class for both the new mom and my older sister.

It's thrilling to welcome another boy into their lives. They already have one whose several years old, so their little family is expanding.

In honor of the newest addition, I put together a baby quilt that is "Pirate Mouse" themed. I came across this flannel at Joann's and couldn't resist. In typical fashion, I forgot to take a photo until after I packaged it up, but I remembered before taping up the box. So here's a glimpse - it's got a really cute striped border and binding too in lots of primary colors.
It went in the mail today along with a gift for the new big brother. Growing up, my mother always included a gift for the older siblings whenever delivering a baby gift. Her feeling was the older children often got neglected when the new baby was showered with gifts. Plus, she always picked something that would help occupy the older sibling. Now that I'm at a point of sending baby gifts, I make it a point to keep this practice alive, so into the box went a Star Wars coloring book and crayons (nicely wrapped up so big brother could open something himself). We went with a Star Wars coloring book because rumor has it the new big brother wanted to name his new little bro "Luke Skywalker."

Amazingly enough this quilt got finished only five days after the baby arrived. For once, I didn't cut it super close, but I did with the thread. I was worried throughout the quilting process I would run out of the thread I was using - a thread I picked up several years ago and have moved since purchasing and can't find by me. Well, I cut it a little close - the bobbin had even less left!

But, I made it - woo hoo. The quilt went in the mail today and hopefully will be to its new owner soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well, That Was a Bit of a Break...

So, I had every intention of blogging starting in the New Year. I figured - once the holidays are over, I'll have plenty of time not only to blog, but to sew, so I have something to blog about.

How did that work out? Well, my last post was on December 15th, as Blogger liked to remind me of everytime I logged on to read everyone else's consistent and much more up-to-date blogs.

I wish I could say, I was just so busy sewing that I didn't have time to blog, but that's not the case. Rather, my world - or should I say our world - has been overtaken by the wedding! Eeep! According to our wedding website, we have 48 days to go! I can't believe it.

Both myself and the fiancee are getting really excited, but there's still so much to be done. But, we've got the big items covered - DJ, caterer, location, priest, flowers, etc. But who knew there were so many little details to handle! I just took my wedding dress in for alterations earlier this week, and the fiancee and I sat down earlier this weekend to choose a playlist for the wedding!

I'm hoping we'll get it all done in time.

In the meantime, while we've had wedding on the brain, many of our family friends have had babies on the brain. We had three born in just the past month alone, so any major sewing I've done have been for them.

This little quilt went to some friends' of the fiancee who just had a baby girl join their family. And yes, cheater fabric it is - but it's cute!

I've been working on a couple of other projects, which I'll post soon. Oh, and I uncovered some other treasures while prepping for a garage sale (more on that later - we seem to like to make our lives even busier by adding on extra things to do between now and the wedding). But, one of those treasures should be making an appearance here as a giveaway sometime soon as well!