Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Project

With Valentine's Day coming up this week, I wanted a project that could decorate our new home for the holiday.   I had seen this tutorial on Diary of a Quilter, and had filed it away as a project I'd like to try soon. 

As I was cleaning my craft room, I came across a charm pack of Valentine's fabric, and had some quilter's linen floating around I had purchased a while ago.  Add just a little bit of Kona White and some dark gray floss, and it was a pretty quick project.

Valentine's Heart Pillow

Since you could see through the white, and I didn't want any spare threads to show, I ended up quilting the front panel.  I did a meandering FMQ stitch on the white and then tried some litle loops with hearts thrown in on the tan linen.  Had never done hearts before and while they've got a long way to go - I was happy with the outcome.  It gave me some more confidence in trying some new FMQ patterns.  (I think stars will be tried for the next project!)

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day.  Hope it's sweet!