Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, after announcing my Nerves last month to the entire world, I finally built up the guts to try quilting the baby quilt!  And, I can say that I'm fairly happy with the results...hopefully mom- and dad-to-be will be too!  We'll find out soon, as the baby shower is this Wednesday morning!

Here's a shot of the overall quilt...I did a general stipple stitch across the nine-patch and borders.

I started first though by quilting the owl, branch and leaves.  I figured he needed a bit more attention and just stippling over him didn't seem right, so I tried a bunch of different techniques...all with somewhat matching thread to try to hide any major mistakes...

Here's a close up of the leaves - I tried to give them a stem running through the center and then just echoed the leaf shape on the inside.  The branches have just some lines running through to try and give the impression of wood grain. 
The owl...well, I tried to give him feathers.  For his eyes, I did some co-centric circles just to give them some definition and echoed again in the wings.  I can point out all the problems/mistakes, but hopefully it'll be loved all the same...

Quilt Stats:
Started: February 2011
Finished: June 2011

Finished Size: Approximately 40" x 52"
Fabrics Used: Summer's Basket of Flowers and Deb Strain's Saltbox Harvest
along with some random scraps for the applique

Time to get it wrapped up and put into the gift bag with the rest of the loot for mom, dad and baby!


  1. I think you did a very nice quilting job on this one. I like all the special touches you made to the applique. Its going to be loved for a very long time!

  2. This is beautiful! I hope the mommy/daddy/baby loved it :)