Thursday, May 26, 2011


My next project has been basted and is just sitting on the guest bed staring me down...just daring me to start it. And, I...well, I am a bundle of nerves about it! 
Now, I've quilted every single one of my projects thus far...but for some reason this one scares the heck out of me. I recognize that my skills aren't great, and I'm not going for perfection, but there's something about this most recent project that makes me anxious. 
Perhaps, because it's my first baby quilt from a pattern? Or from designer fabrics? 
Or maybe it's because I finally figured out how to make my little Kenmore sewing machine complete some machine applique! 
I mean...I really think this owl is adorable and I'm worried my wonky free-motion quilting skills are just going to mess him up. But, the baby is due in August (fairly far off still, I know), but we've got a baby shower planned for mom in mid-June - so it needs to get done! I just need to work up some courage, and to stop stalling by posting about the quilt. 
Anyways...I took a photo of it just in case it doesn't make it through this process gracefully. Ok...maybe I should go take a stab at it!


  1. Adorable! That's going to be so cute. And get GOING on it! (Says the girl with a WIP quilt that was a wedding present for a wedding back in November...)

  2. This quilt is awesome! I LOVE the modern-ish owl applique against the traditional nine-patch...what a great look! You'll do fine...just start...the nervous anticipation is always the worst part!

  3. That is such a cute quilt - I have been wanting to make this pattern for my new grand-nephew. I like your fabric choices.