Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Finish

Well, after about five years, I finally finished what should be considered a relatively quick and easy project.

I saw the pattern for these pillows in a McCall's Quilting - August 2006 issue. It was a pattern by Jean and Valori Wells - who as a new quilter I didn't really know. Now, I'm a bit more in the know and hold these two women in high admiration for their patterns and fabric.

Anyway, in 2006, I was living in a new furnished apartment that came with a very "interesting" black leather couch. It was possibly the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I've ever sat on. But, I thought the room could use a bit more color, so I went ahead and ordered the kit (the first one I ever ordered) and started working on these pillows.

I have no idea why it took me five years. But, it did and I finally finished these in April! I love how they came out and while I no longer live with that ugly, awful couch - they do happen to match the duvet cover in our guest bedroom/sewing room. So, now they're cheerily sitting there.

I did do all the quilting by hand - so maybe that's a reason I took so long? No? Not buying it either?

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