Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yay...One Project Finished!

Baby steps...literally and figuratively around here. In an earlier post, I mentioned that a friend who I attended school in London with just had a baby (and by just, I mean early January). Well, the goal was to get back in the swing of knitting and throw together a baby blanket. However, the best laid plans always seem to get side tracked.

My friend sent pics of her little guy, who is absolutely adorable. In every photo he's decked out in tons of jungle animal print accessories. It seems to me that mom and dad went with a jungle theme for the little kiddo, so who am I to fight that?

When I was at the Shop Hop last month - right after getting the photos, I found the cutest panel, which just had to be swapped in place of the knitted blanket (that currently is gathering dust next to an end table in my living room). After a bit of frustration and some mis-steps with my sewing machine, I was able to "successfully" machine quilt my first baby quilt.

I think it's really cute. And as I said...with this being my first attempt at machine quilting I was fairly "successful". Luckily, some cute applique letters covered up the bunching!

And so, now it's ready to be dropped in the mail and heading out to Colorado!

In the meantime, I'm getting my game face on. I've got two days off from work now, and I'm planning a fun-filled weekend. Tomorrow is a trip up to Mary Jo's, and then to meet the bf for some Cheesecake Factory. On Saturday - it's off to the brand new IKEA! Yay vacation!

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  1. Its a cute quilt and congrats on finishing your first machine quited project. There's no stopping you now!

    Sounds like you will enjoy your spring break. I plan to get out in the yard some today and get DIRTY! Also hope to finish up Elijah's quilt - after I undirty myself - and maybe, if I must and Uncle Sam says I must, do my taxes.

    Enjoy the day!