Friday, March 20, 2009

Past Projects #1

I'm enjoying a couple of nice days off from work. Headed up to Mary Jo's yesterday and had a ball going through all the fabric choices. I came home with a bunch of stuff - but almost all of it was on my shopping list, so I feel pretty good about it. My favorite find was some "themed" fabric for a quilt I think I finally can start after putting it off for two years.

I spent today enjoying some quiet time at home, while also finishing a book. I also started and finished my "Charming Handbag" for the BTRS swap. I'm hoping to get it into the mail either tomorrow, but most likely on Monday. After it gets approval from my bf to make sure it's worthy of sending along to someone else. I was super excited about participating in the swap, but am worried that the receipient of my bag will be disappointed in my skill level. I'll post photos once it's in the mail.

I figured I might share some photos of my past projects - I've made a point to photograph almost every project I've completed- since all but one have been given away. These I'm somewhat embarrassed by - there my first attempts. You can tell that I'm definitely self-taught and I was still learning about color choice. But they were made with love for several of my staff members. I actually made 9 over the course of a year plus (the tops were done in a year, but took me a little longer to quilt). These are four of them - and I'll post the other four I have photos of sometime soon. I missed getting a photo of one.
My first quilt ever - it was music themed and had so many problems!
My second top - but the last of the nine to be quilted - the girl I gave it to loved purple!
This one is currently residing in California.

Not a great shot, but I liked the earthtone colors.

This is the bf's favorite - for all of these I complete just made up patterns based on what I thought would look cool. I was shocked later to learn that you could buy patterns for quilts!

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  1. I think all your quilts look very nice and I am sure the folks you gave them to cherish them. You are doing great with your quilting - keep it up!