Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mail on it's way!

I made it to the post office just before closing today - cut it pretty close! But, I was able to get my "Charming Handbag" on it's way to it's new owner. I really enjoyed making this one and making it for someone else definitely made me step outside my comfort zone of fabric choices. I'm hoping she enjoys the bag, as much as I enjoyed participating in the swap.

Here are some photos of my creation...

I was pretty proud of myself for how well the seams on the side matched up (not to brag, but it's a first for me).
The fabrics are from Amy Butler's "Lotus" collection and I picked them up at Mary Jo's when I was there last week.

We were encouraged to add some "crafty" items to the package as well, so I sent along some fun fabrics - didn't get a pic of them - which hopefully she enjoys and can use.

My partner doesn't know who I am, so even with the pics up on my blog, she will still be surprised when it arrives. Hopefully she enjoys it!

I'm looking forward to receiving my bag - we're supposed to mail them out no later than March 31st! The swapper who has me left me a message letting me know she's making mine, so I'm thrilled to have met a new friend on the internet and see what she creates - it's her first swap too!


  1. cute bag!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    when you make that runner, let me know, i'd love to see it!!!

  2. hi Katie, thank you so much !! i love my new bag, its perfect !! and thank you for the beautiful fabrics !! im so happyyy !!!!

  3. Great job on the bag - I know you swap partner is going to love it. You did so nice with the way you set the fabric!

  4. I am doing my first swap for easter, I am thinking of doing one to for summer, got any good Ideas? I would love you to be a part of it to. just need a theme