Monday, March 16, 2009

Domestic Bliss in the Kitchen

I love to cook. After having attended culinary school, I always get asked if I can make "fancy" things. It usually involves a conversation something like this:

Watching the food network....

Boyfriend: Oooh, rack of lamb...can you make that?
Me: Yes.
BF: Did you make it in school?
Me: Yes.
BF: Will you ever make it again?
Me: Probably not.

Despite my "training", I really prefer comfort food - and now that I have my own kitchen, the food my mom always made. My prize recipes are the ones I grew up with...and a few more that have been added in over the years. It's relaxing and rewarding to whip up something that I know is going to taste really good and make my soul happy.

I usually don't care if it's fancy or even looks pretty, but this past Sunday, as I was playing around in the kitchen all morning, I couldn't help but be proud of how pretty my quiche came out...

Not to brag...but doesn't that just look like it's supposed to? During this cooking session, I also put together a pot of Italian Turkey Meatball Egg Drop Soup. Neither mom or I can take credit for that recipe - it came from Rachel Ray via someone else's blog. (I can't remember who, but I really should figure that out and thank the person). This soup is soooooo good. It is a highly requested meal from my self-proclaimed non-soup eating boyfriend.

All this was topped off by my very favorite "Fast Fixin' Chocolate Cake." This was the cake I always had my mom make me for my birthday and now making it myself, feel like perhaps she was always happy I did - it involves 5 ingredients plus water, one spoon and a 9x13 cake pan - that's it - no bowls, no beaters, nothin else. But, oh the chocolatey goodness.

On that note...I'm going to go eat some. So much for all the good work I did today at the gym!

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  1. Yum...that does look good. I have never made quiche, and I wonder if that is because my mom never made it either. I do like guiche and order it often when eating out, but have never tried to actually make one. Like you, I mostly cook what my mom cooked. Now I would be very willing to break with tradition and make one of those chocolate cakes if you feel so inclinded to share the recipe!