Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Days are Productive

Well, we had a snowy 24 hours here in SC. Starting around 6 pm on Sunday through Monday morning we got several inches here. The northerner in me doesn't really make much of that, but it's a huge deal down here. Schools and work were closed here, so I had a nice day off! I went for a walk Sunday night and snapped some photos of the snow...

I took advantage of the quiet day to nurse a cold I'm still fighting, get a little bit of work done, take a quick nap and read a book. But perhaps my greatest accomplishment was getting this bag done!

I bought a jelly roll at the Shop Hop two weeks ago, along with Bunny Hill Design's pattern for the jelly roll bag. I think it came out pretty cute and I'm looking forward to using it as a work bag this spring. Yay for finally completing a project!

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  1. Hi thanks for stopping by I did use a pattern I just revised it slightly. I should have on up in the shop soon.