Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy May...Basket

Susan over at Blackberry Creek Home Arts hosted a "May Day" basket swap, which I participated in. We were paired up with another swapper to create a "May Day Basket" for our partner with all of her favorite things.

After a bit of deliberation and some shopping, I put together my package for my partner who loves reading, birds, gardening and kayaking. Here it is all packaged up and ready to go...

Well, wouldn't you know soon as I put the tape on the box, I realized I never got a photo of what was inside. But, basically, I got a couple of great reads, some gardening books, and made a basket from Pink Penguin's tutorial out of the Moda "Celebrate Spring" line.

My basket arrived in the mail this past week, but I waited to open it until last night. It was such a lovely package, that I hated to cut through that butterfly. Even the lady at the post office, who handed me my package commented how cute it was.
Inside, it was chock-full of goodies! A lovely basket with a note pad, tissue pack, fabric, needles, a pin and some tasty looking chocolates!

My partner has an etsy shop where she sells thes adorable little birds - don't they just scream (or should I say "tweet") spring?

And such a lovely basket. My partner also is a paper artists - I know that's not the right term, bu the appropriate one escapes me, so this cone basket is just wonderful.

I had never heard of the tradition of May baskets, so it was lots of fun to participate. Thank you Susan for organizing and thank you Ginny for my treats!

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