Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Little Early or A Little Late?

I'll let you decide. A little while back, a few women from my quilt guild taught me some basic embroidery. I came across Gail Pan's block of the month a while ago, but just recently thought I'd try my hand at it.
For my first real embroidery block, I'm pretty happy with it. I'm looking forward to trying the others she has - I'm 4 months behind (soon to be 5), but at least I'm ahead of the game for my Christmas gifts!


  1. Your embroidery looks great! You are a good friend indeed to be helping out with the wedding, but then, weddings are fun to be a part of. The quilt you show is wonderful, and handquilted - what a nice present.

  2. I've thought about doing this too - maybe we can be behind together! :)