Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy Day Ahead...

Today's a big day! One of my former employees, who delightfully has transitioned to being a very good friend is getting married today! She and her soon-to-be husband live in town, and are getting married at a local church, so I've had the pleasure of being involved in the wedding. As I speak there are hundreds of bubbles currently sitting in my living room having been recently tied up with ribbon in her colors. Thank goodness for the BF, as he was a significant help in doing all of those last night - otherwise I'd still be tying and curling ribbons.

There are also four dozen cupcakes just waiting to be iced and loaded into the car to take over to the church. The bride and groom decided they didn't want a traditional cake, so their family and friends are baking funfetti cupcakes with white icing. She's got a cute cupcake tower that I've been made responsible for - so wish me luck!!!

Before I head off to ice cupcakes and load my car and get dressed myself, I thought I'd leave you with a photo of a past project. Since I haven't been doing much sewing myself right now (too much baking and ribbon curling!), at least I can show that I do quilt sometimes!

In honor of the wedding today, here are photos of a quilt I made for a very good friend and his bride for their wedding in October 2007. They met, went to school and were married in Williamsburg VA, so I couldn't think of a better use of all the Teresa Kogut "Williamsburg" fabrics I found on a shopping expedition. It was machine pieced, but I did all the quilting by hand.

It ended up being much larger than I anticipated - almost covered a full bed.

Here's some detail of the end - I didn't realize how blurry my photos were.

The block was called "Peace and Plenty" - I think. I figured it was a good wish for newlyweds.

Hope you all enjoy your day!


  1. love the way that quilt turned out with the soft tan background!

    happy Sewing,


  2. what a great idea you had! this quilt looks very funny!I love it1