Friday, February 20, 2009


As I spent time cleaning my apartment tonight, I began to realize how many works in progress (I prefer that term to UFOs) I have floating around. Having read so many other quilters' posts, I've been inspired to make it a challenge to get through as many as possible this year!

I'm picking something that might actually happen - as opposed to jumping on the bandwagon of trying to clear out my stash...I just love it too much! Plus, I'm headed to a Shop Hop tomorrow in the next county over, and with the promise of 23 shops, I know I'll just increase my stash, as opposed to reducing it. And on top of it, the FabShopHop site was hosting a Blowout Sale this week and I found some lovely items for Christmas presents from the Quilter's Paradise. Those goodies should be arriving in the post and hopefully I'll pick them up on Monday from my post office box!

And so, in hopes of guilting myself into actually getting these done, I'll share some of what I'm currently working on....

My "Flower Power" pillows. I've been working on these since 2005 - sad how far I haven't gotten. They were originally meant to soften up a really ugly black hard leather sofa I had in an apartment, which luckily stayed behind in Boston when I moved. Now, I think they'll still make a nice addition to the apartment, if I can ever get them done.

I found this top as a kit in a cute little shop nearby. I thought it was a fun pattern and some interesting fabrics - unlike anything else I've ever made, so I picked it up. I also happened to be taking a Machine Quilting class right around the same time and figured it'd be the perfect thing to practice on - it's busy enough, I'd never see the hundreds of mistakes I was bound to make. Unfortunately, the top took me so long, I still haven't gotten around to quilting it yet!

I made this quilt for my Mom's birthday last year. Unfortunately, I hadn't gotten it finished in time for her surprise party, and as you can probably tell, I haven't made much progress since. But I will get this done!!!
There are definitely more than just these, but for some reason, my internet is being difficult and not letting me import anymore. Perhaps that's a sign I should stop typing and start sewing!

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