Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Think I Have a Problem...

As I said in my earlier blog the local quilt guild in the next county over held their Shop Hop yesterday. I drove there with my boyfriend, who had to work in town, and he dropped me off for some fun shopping. Now, I don't get to quilt shops all that often, as there aren't a ton close by to my home - it'd be at least a 30 minute drive, and I don't usually have that amount of time. So, the idea of having 20+ stores in one place meant I'd been saving my pennies to do some serious damage :) I consider it making up for 6 months of no real shopping.

I had a lovely time - ran into some ladies from my quilt guild, and took a long time browsing. I took the first half of my excursion to walk through all the vendors and browse. I wanted to compare selections and prices before committing to anything. All in all, that worked well for me, except in the case of one pattern that I loved, but didn't get back to before it was all bought up - I guess I have popular taste. Luckily the shop said I could call and they'd send me one.

Below is a picture of my spoils. I showed my boyfriend after we got back home and felt a bit embarrassed, but all in all, I think everything I bought (with the exception of a few fat quarters) already have a destiny to become a specific project - mainly gifts!
After shopping, I headed across the street for a tasty lunch of Chick-Fil-A. It had to be guilt free, since I didn't have a car (BF was still working) and it was that or Pizza Hut! Then, I headed over to the Walmart - once again, in walking distance - and got some errands done until BF was able to pick me up.

We then headed to his work - I'd never seen it, got a tour of the town, and had dinner with his co-workers. All in all, a very fun, but exhausting day. I was happy to get home, put on my PJs, and review my goodies!

Now, it's a quiet day at home utnil it's time to go to the gym this evening and then dinner. Not much planned, except some laundry and maybe even some sewing!

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  1. I missed the shop hop - had Granny duty with my grandchildren. I know you had a great time and so tempting to see all the goodies! I couldn't get your picture to enlarge so I could see your buys better, but it is fun to relax and look over then things once you get home. Soooo...what is the problem? I didn't see where you have a problem, just a lot of fun and investment into future quilts!