Monday, May 31, 2010

And Away We Go...

Well, it's finally here. After almost a month of preparation, the wedding day is only 5 days away! Eek! We're extremely excited here and looking forward to spending the weekend with our family and friends celebrating.

The fiancee and I are absolutely blown away by the number of friends and family who are willing to travel such a distance to spend the big day with us. And we can't wait to celebrate with every single one of them.

I head out of town tomorrow morning, with a car packed full of wedding goodies - including my dress - to make the trip up to Williamsburg. The fiancee will join me later, as he doesn't have the luxury of lots of vacation days like I do.

And so, as you might imagine, as I will be busy with other things in my life other than sewing and crafting, this blog will remain quiet for a bit. Promise to be back soon with some photos and to share all the fun projects we did for the wedding!


  1. There goes the bride.....many best wishes for a wonderful wedding and many years of happy married life.

  2. Enjoy each and every moment of your big day! And don't let the little things get to you! Can't wait to see the pictures, once you are back! Have a wonderful trip!