Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Back!

I've been MIA for a while. I took a week off from work and headed up North to visit my parents for a while. I haven't seen them since New Year's, so it was a long overdue visit. However, the main purpose was to assist my family. My grandmother is moving out of her home where she's lived for 62 years. I spent my days cleaning out cupboards, cleaning up items and pricing them for a garage sale. Other than that, there really wasn't much time to do anything else - though I did catch up with two friends, and of course shared a lot of time, conversation, and thankfully, laughs with my family. Cleaning out a house and helping my grandmother move is a bittersweet process.

On Friday and Saturday we held a garage sale at her home. It went really well, thanks in part to the three other garage sales in a two block radius! While hanging up signs for our garage sale, my mom and I took a look at the other ones. One was held by a fellow quilter - who was selling her quilting frame (too tough to send to SC). But, she also had some great fabrics for sale. Below is the stash I picked up...

The whole stash cost $12! That's right - $12! Each bundle had at least 4 fat quarters. And the darker Thimbleberries fabric is a yard of each print.

I've always wanted to play around with these fabrics - but never bought any - so I was thrilled to find them.
I have some other photos from my trip, which I'll share in a later post. Now it's time for brunch and to visit with the bf!

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  1. Welcome home and now you can go back to work and get some rest, lol. I am sure there were lots of memories when cleaning out your grandmothers house. Its good you could go to help. My mom has started talking about what will become of her things, and so much of what she has I have known all my life - I wish I would be able to just box it all up and keep every piece of it.