Saturday, March 8, 2014

Snowflake Star

It's no secret that I love Kate Spain's fabrics.  I also love a good Christmas project.  So a couple of years ago when one of the major quilting magazines featured a Christmas project with Kate Spain fabric, I jumped at the chance.  Somewhere/somehow I snagged a Kate Spain jelly roll and slowly got to work on putting together the Snowflake Star quilt!

Fast forward a couple of years ( really takes me that long) and I finally finished one!  (This mind you was after quite a few issues with it that at one point made me seriously consider giving up quilting).  Anyways, it got quickly quilted and bound in order to give to a quilty friend for Christmas.  She loves the color blue, and it's not everyday you find a holiday themed quilt that's got blue in it.

Snowflake Star

It's not too large - maybe about 38" square, but I think it's fun!

Should I even mention that one jelly roll makes four stars total?  Yup...that's a true statement.  But, in an effort to get some of my unfinished projects done, I soldiered on and finished the three additional tops.  They're currently sitting in the pile of projects that need to be sandwiched!  Perhaps one more will get done by next Christmas?

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