Friday, June 8, 2012

More Bags!

In an effort to get through some of my stash, get ahead of the game (which never happens) and help out my quilt guild, I continued making Drawstring Bags for my guild's bi-annual quilt show boutique.  

I've got a bunch of fabric floating around my apartment that I can't seem to part with, but I'm never certain what to do with.  This is mainly in the form of fat quarters and scraps, so I figured I'd bust into them for this project.

I had already made several bags which I posted last week, but really got on the bandwagon and got nine more done!

Drawstring Bags
Three more bags - I made two of the one in the middle

Drawstring bag - cool or ugly?
Not sure how I feel about the color/pattern combo.
Pink and Orange Drawstring Bags
Made two of each of these for a total of four!
So, those - along with one more item, which I'll post soon, will be heading off to the Quilt Guild boutique!

I love these bags and Jeni's In Color Order tutorial (and pattern you can buy) is so great!  There will definitely be more in the future.


  1. Very cute bags -- I especially love the last two!

  2. very cute bags, draw string bags are something I haven't done recently, might have to try one sometime soon.