Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ABC Baby Quilt!

A great friend had his first baby this summer. She was born in late June - 20 days after he and his wife came to our wedding. Mr. Gnomemade and I were thrilled to have them there and get to see them before such a big event in their life.

Welll, the little one arrived and she's absolutely beautiful. This is the same couple who I gave a wedding quilt to when they got married a couple years ago, so I figured it was only appropriate to give their new little bundle of joy a quilt too!

Now, getting married and going on a honeymoon didn't give me a lot of time to put something together, so thank goodness for some really cute cheater panels!

Such a cute theme and hopefully one they like for the newest member of their family! (And another UFO challenge item complete!)


  1. aww it's so adorable *_* reminds me the iphone menu screen somewhat :D

  2. LOL..iphone menu screen - after I read that I looked again and I see what sy means. Its a great guilt and will be loved to pieces by the lil princess.