Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All I Want for Christmas...

...is to finish my projects in time! I had a great plan this year. I was going to get all of my sewing holiday projects done early - with plenty of time to spare, so as not to worry about the last minute crunch. I had my ideas of what to make for everyone, and even completed shopping for supplies by Veteran's Day.

But, I think I forgot to factor in the baking, shopping, wrapping, shipping, card writing, etc. that goes along with the holiday season. I've also been helping my future M-I-L re-launch her Etsy shop with her knitted items. Because, here it is - just over a week from the big day and I'm going to be scrambling ot get it all done!

So, let's see where I'm at...

Two table runners? Check! (Ok, we can mark that complete). One's made with a "Merry & Bright" charm pack using the disappearing nine patch. The other is made using a "Crazy Eight" mini-honey bun.

Three Santas? If only 33% were a passing grade. Perhaps I can work out some joint custody arrangement between family and friends, but that might get complicated as they all live in different states! Here's one of them complete and ready to mail. However, the rest of them still have their heads (sans beards) sitting to the side on the coffee table and the clothes are just a figment of my imagination. Must get stitchin'.

I do like how this guy turned out though. I used a pattern provided by a friend that she based on a kit she bought a while ago. The htb keeps asking if we can keep him, but maybe next year I'll have time to make one for us!

Tonight will be spent on the Santas' beards, and maybe even a little bit of clothing while watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale. And then wrapping up Santa #1 to get him into the mail tomorrow!

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  1. Ho Ho Ho, Santa is So so so cute! You can just send the picture this year to the other two and say he got held up in traffic.